IBM / FreeBSD - Install Update - Seems to be ACPI

David Robillard david.robillard at
Thu Apr 19 13:44:04 UTC 2007

>In our initial posts, we stated that we seemed to be having issues
>getting the machine to boot with the 4 processors, so to bypass this we
>disabled ACPI on boot. This allowed us to get past the CPU error and
>continue to boot. However down the track we noticed things like the
>ethernet adapater not getting picked up, and the big problem - none of
>the disks getting recognised.
>We have since tried a few things, one of which was removing all but one
>of the CPU's. If we do this, and boot with ACPI enabled, all is totally
>fine. All disks are found, and I receive no CPU panic error.
>So it appears to me that by disabling ACPI in an attempt to bypass the
>QUAD CPU problem, we are causing another issue behind the scenes.
>The root of the problem now appears to be, that if we have anything over
>1 CPU, directly after the kernel is loaded (when booting from the CD),
>we receive the error message "panic: madt_probe_cpus_handler: CPU ID 38
>Too High". The moment a second CPU to the bombs out.

Have you tried to present this issue to some specific FreeBSD mailing lists?
I believe some of these might be more suited to help you.

These lists come to mind:

FreeBSD Bugs


FreeBSD Hardware

Good luck !

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