Steinar Bormer steinab at
Mon Apr 16 10:01:22 UTC 2007

Matthew Seaman wrote:

| You question boils down to: why does the ports system still think
| Google Earth v. 4.0.2735 is still vulnerable when portaudit and VuXML
| say that only versions earlier than 4.0.2414 are vulnerable?


| Ports certainly shouldn't do that given this:
| happy-idiot-talk:~:% pkg_version -t 4.0.2414 4.0.2735
| <
| Looks like a bug to me.

OK, but see below.
| This message comes from portaudit(1).  There's a steaming great clue to
| that effect in the URL you quote.  A good thing to try is downloading a
| new portaudit database:
|     portaudit -F
| Then retry the update.  Perhaps there was an error in the version
| numbering in the version of the portaudit database you had originally,
| which has since been fixed.  This would have fixed it for me, if I had
| Google Earth installed:

And it fixed the problem for me.  google-earth runs fine.

I even ran portaudit (with no options), but since google-earth was
deinstalled at that time, it obviously didn't report anything.

Thanks so much for pointing this out to me.  It's all too obvious now.

Steinar B.

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