gimp: install conflicts

White Hat pigskin_referee at
Sat Apr 14 14:26:12 UTC 2007


I have a question regarding gimp-devel, the meta-port
for Gimp.

This port installs both:

graphics/gimp-app which has this in its Makefile:

CONFLICTS= gimp-1.* gimpshop-[0-9]*

And graphics/gimp-app-devel

Whose Makefile contains this notation:

CONFLICTS= gimp-1.* gimp-app-[0-9]*

Using portmanager to install gimp-devel results in the
following files being installed:

gimp-app-2.3.15,1           /graphics/gimp-app-devel
    MISSING dependency of   gimp-devel-2.3,2          

gutenprint-base-5.1.0_1     /print/gutenprint-base
    MISSING dependency of   gimp-gutenprint-5.1.0     

gimp-app-2.2.13_2,1         /graphics/gimp-app
    MISSING dependency of   gimp-gutenprint-5.1.0     

gutenprint-ijs-5.1.0        /print/gutenprint-ijs
    MISSING dependency of   gutenprint-5.1_1          

gutenprint-5.1_1            /print/gutenprint
    MISSING dependency of   gimp-gutenprint-5.1.0     

gimp-gutenprint-5.1.0       /print/gimp-gutenprint
    MISSING dependency of   gimp-devel-2.3,2          

gimp-devel-2.3,2            /graphics/gimp-devel
    MISSING                 gimp-devel-2.3,2          

The problem is that there appears to be a conflict
between the two versions of gimp-app being installed.
Is this correct, or am I reading this incorrectly?

If I try to update these files, portmanager will
complain about the conflict, although it does not do
so on the initial installation.

I can supply a copy of the build log if anyone wants

White Hat 
pigskin_referee at

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