Recompiling the vim port for gui capability

Andrew Falanga af300wsm at
Sun Apr 15 03:39:17 UTC 2007


I recently updated some of my ports (due to the fact that I now have a high
speed connection to the Internet at home).  One of the ports I updated was
vim.  I used portupgrade -r <vim_port_name> and let it do its thing.  All
went well, but now gvim no longer exists.  When I was try to execute it, I
get, "E25: GUI cannot be used: Not enabled at compile time".  I've built vim
at work simply from the source code from and I know how to build for
GUI support.  However, I'm not very familiar with the BSD make or the ports
making process and couldn't find a clean way of defining, or in this case
preventing the definition of,

.if defined(NO_GUI)
WITHOUT_X11=    yes

I took this from /usr/ports/editors/vim/Makefile.  How do I manipulate the
ports build process to recompile vim with GUI support?  I would rather use
vim/gvim than any other editor and without GUI support, it's quite lame.

By the way, after reading the response to my post about how to get
portupgrade back, I went to look through the /usr/ports/UPGRADING file for
vim notes.  However, the only thing I found concerning vim was something to
with vim-part, or something similar to that, with respect to the KDE
distribution.  There was nothing about the actual VIM port.  Oh, nearly
forgot, before this, I had vim 6.x installed from ports.  I did have the GUI
version before hand.


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