can't print to disk from Firefox

perryh at perryh at
Sun Apr 15 03:14:19 UTC 2007

I got an error when trying to print *to disk* from Firefox/

                              Printer Error

  There was a problem printing because the paper size you specified
  is not supported by your printer.

This message makes no sense at all when printing to disk, since
there's no way for it to know what kind of printer I'll eventually
send the file to.

I am using the only available printer selection, PostScript/default,
and the first paper selection in the list, letterSize (8.5x11 inch);
and that size is certainly available on the printer I intend to use
(which is elsewhere, hence the need to print to disk).  There is no
"default" paper size selection.

I really don't care what paper size it formats the page for --
that can be fixed later if necessary.  It is the content, not
the formatting, that is important.

It eventually fixed itself after much fumbling and several retries,
but I have no idea what fixed it and I suppose it will probably
unfix itself at some inconvenient time in the future.  How do I fix
it properly and permanently?

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