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Parv parv at pair.com
Sat Apr 14 20:15:27 UTC 2007

in message <1176551927.6799.9.camel at FreeBSD.localhost>,
wrote Paul Butler thusly...
> If, however, heart-stopping speed appeals to you, you want
> intelligently planned technology with the latest stable
> applications, you are operating web servers, or you just plain
> want to get expertise in real Unix then there is nothing like
> FreeBSD.
> Merely by living with FreeBSD for a year or two on your desktop or
> laptop, you will really deepen your understanding of unix-derived
> systems in a way which is not possible with Linux.  This may be
> very helpful if you either have or contemplate a career in IT.

I note that Paul mentioned "IT" not a "Unix System Administration".
So consider the following as my rant.

There seems to be no entity which offers *entry level* Unix System
Administration position to those not already living in immediate
surrounding area (even if one is willing to relocate (at one's own
expense)).  And "Junior" positions require near 3 years of Unix or
Linux *paid* experience.

In my experience, the Unix knowledge & experience gained by using
FreeBSD (despite the number of years using it) on a machine
connected to Internet  -- but not actively taking part in LAN-y
things like internal DNS, file- and backup/restore server,
heterogeneous computing environment, etc. -- can help only for
non-system administration positions.

  - Parv


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