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>> Why is freebsd better then ubuntu?
>> I find Ubuntu to be a great "distro" if your goal is to get a great
>> open-source desktop system up and running quickly, that is easy to
>> update (albeit not with the latest available applications) and
>> relatively bug-free.  If you yourself are not able to spend hands-on
>> time maintaining the system (i.e. for aging parents, in-laws, non-techie
>> friends) it is a good choice.  Their use of Debian's apt technology is
>> brilliant.  Their user/developer community is wonderful.
>> If, however, heart-stopping speed appeals to you, you want intelligently
>> planned technology with the latest stable applications, you are
>> operating web servers, or you just plain want to get expertise in real
>> Unix then there is nothing like FreeBSD.
>> Merely by living with FreeBSD for a year or two on your desktop or
>> laptop, you will really deepen your understanding of unix-derived
>> systems in a way which is not possible with Linux.  This may be very
>> helpful if you either have or contemplate a career in IT.
>> Paul Butler
> My personal take on Ubuntu is that it was a wise decision by some to
> market the Linux distro to disenchanted Windows users -- by having KDE
> be the default DE it makes people feel more at home than having to
> choose something like, say, Enlightenment, Fluxbox, FVWM2, or good old
> TWM. The problem is that it's aimed primarily at people trying to test
> out Linux and transition from Windows, and in many cases tends to choose
> the "best" option for you, in terms of partitioning your disk, running
> certain apps, etc from what I've heard and read from others, which is
> bad for power users.
> Also, it's Linux-based so documentation in terms of manpages are most
> likely non-existent, like with Gentoo Linux.
> Just as a followup to the subject line: I like FreeBSD because of its
> solid nature and good system architecture.
> Cheers,
> -Garrett

Actually - Ubuntu's default isn't KDE, it's Gnome. Kubuntu is what you
want if you prefer the K environment - however, that's not to say that
if you install Ubuntu, you can't install KDE (or XFCE4 - that happens to
 be Xubuntu).

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