Mysql Hogging all system resources

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Sat Apr 14 12:01:44 UTC 2007

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> I did this:
> In my login.conf file (assuming that all you have to do is change whatever
> you don't want to be the default):
> nice:\
>         :priority=5:
> In the user entry I put 'nice' in field 5.
> When I rebuilt the login.conf db, nothing seems to have changed for th
> user... A 'top' still shows his processes (old and new) with a nice of 0.
> Is there something else I'm missing?

Did you log the user out/restart all his processes?  I expect the
priority is applied at login time and isn't going to be re-evaluated on
a continual basis.

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> In the last episode (Apr 13), Don O'Neil said:
> > Nevermind on the "badly formatted number"... I specified the full path 
> > /usr/bin/nice and it worked ok this time :-)
> > 
> > However, I still want to know if there is a way to specify a nice 
> > level for an entire users processes.
> If you create a login class in /etc/login.conf and set the priority
> capability, then assign a user to that class in /etc/master.passwd (the
> class field is the 5th one, it's usually empty), then their priority (aka
> niceness) should get set then they log in.  Remember to use the 'vipw'
> command to edit the passwd file, and to run 'cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf' to
> rebuild login.conf.db.
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