Debugging FreeBSD

Christian Walther cptsalek at
Wed Apr 11 09:24:42 UTC 2007

If replying to a topic discussed on the list, please make sure to
"reply to all". There are many talented people out there, having much
more knowledge of BSD specific things than I do.

On 11/04/07, Dhananjaya hiremath <om_music06 at> wrote:
> Hello sir,
> Now I landed error with how to debugg the installed packages and ports and
> how to get the CVS and packages like python and samba are giving error code
> as -1 while installing for that what we can do for it.

If you have problems with installing ports, I'd suggest you read the
error message carefully. I've never seen an error message that doesn't
make sense. If you need help, copy the last part of the output, paste
it into a mail, and send it to the list.
Important: Make sure that you describe what port you're trying to
install, and that you really paste some output, e.g. starting with
some of the last lines of the compiler, including all lines up to the
first shell prompt.
Since the port systems takes care of dependencies, it's highly likely
that some requirements are built first, and that this is is just one
port that fails. This would result in several error messages - one for
the port that failed originally, and one message for every port up to
the original port you wanted to install.


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