Automatic means for spinning down disks available?

L Goodwin xrayv19 at
Wed Apr 11 03:12:56 UTC 2007

I'm with you, Jules! I still haven't gotten FreeBSD to boot on my one file server, but am concerned about my client's power bill. I had suggested a SAN "toaster", but then he produced this 1998 vintage server from the back of a closet. It has redundant 300W power supply, 4 case fans that run constantly, 6 SCSI drives, a CD-ROM drive, floppy drive, tape drive. I had to disable ACPI to get the FreeBSD installer to boot, so no power management.

Surely the wonderful folks who produce free Windows alternatives realize that Intel and Microsoft have effectively abandoned many older hardware platforms don't meet Vista's requirements, but (could) happily run alternative software.

For starters, how about getting this mail group on a proper list server? I'll gladly help if there is anything I can do other than get in the way...

Jules Gilbert <jules.stocks at> wrote: Boy, do I want answers too!

We have HD's that run 24X7.  And I don't want to turn them off, I  
just want them to sleep quietly until needed.  We have lot's of RAM,  
thus plenty of cache space.

Our machines are all blades.  (Does this matter?  I don't know.)   
IBMs and Super-Micros.

We spend zillions of bucks on electricity;  We use these machines  
24X7 now, but soon will only need them about 12 hours a day.  Is 24X7  
operation the optimal strategy?

What's the best course here, wrt electric costs, and wrt disk failures?


On Apr 8, 2007, at 2:10 PM, Yuri Grebenkin wrote:

> Just wonder if it's better for an HDD not to spindown at all.
> Maybe it's safer to spin in peace than to park/launch?
> What do you think?
>> Hello again all,
>>  I was wondering if there was an automatic, and possibly timed  
>> means to
>> spin down disks available in either ports or the base system, by  
>> chance.
>>  Just trying to cut down on energy use, and increase my disks'  
>> lives :).
>> TIA,
>> -Garrett
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