Request and Ideas: Vim filetype plugins for FreeBSD

Alexander Anderson a.anderson at
Mon Apr 9 21:56:54 UTC 2007

Mon, Apr 09, 2007 at 11:49:13 AM, Ian A. Tegebo wrote:
> My thoughts for filetype plugins for FreeBSD ports would be:
> 	* Create syntax files for things like:
> 		rc.conf
> 		sysctl.conf
> 		loader.conf
> 	* Write filetype plugin for rc.conf
> 		This could utilize omni completion for what's in
> 		/etc/default/rc.conf
> I notice that other distributions have done similar things.  Has anyone
> done any work along these lines?

I just added a comment on the first line of rc.conf, loader.conf, etc.,
such as:

    ### rc.conf -- system configuration information

    ### loader.conf -- system bootstrap configuration information

And vim seems to magically highlight the syntax. If I do 'set filetype',
it tells me 'filetype=conf'. That seems to the trick, but it would have
been nice if tricks weren't necessary, so go for it.

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