megacli and PERC5 (PowerEdge 1950) on 6.2

Jonathan Delgado delgado at
Mon Apr 9 19:38:58 UTC 2007


    I have some Dell PowerEdge 1950 servers equipped with their PERC5/ 
i SAS RAID controller (OEM is LSI). In general they work fine. The  
mfi driver is being used and I get some occassional blurbs logged by  
the driver. I am having poor results though trying to get the megacli  
port (sysutils/linux-megacli) to work with it.

    For example, if I call 'megacli -AdpAllInfo -aALL' I get junk/ 
empty output like:
Adapter #0

Product Name    :
Serial No       :
FW Package Build:
FW Version      :
BIOS Version    :
Ctrl-R Version  :

                 Pending Images In Flash

                 PCI Info
Vendor Id       : 0000
Device Id       : 0000
SubVendorId     : 0000
SubDeviceId     : 0000

Host Interface  : UNKOWN

Number of Frontend Port: 0
Device Interface  : UNKOWN

    I am getting this result with multiple systems, one running 6.2- 
RELEASE p3, the other a recent (as of today) build of 6.2-STABLE. I  
am using linux_base-fc-4_9 for the Linux compat install, and the  
specific package of megacli is linux-megacli-1.01.09_1. linprocfs and  
linsysfs are both mounted. mfi_linux.ko is loaded. The device seems  
to be recognized within the linux subsystem, as I have:

# cat /compat/linux/sys/class/scsi_host/host0/proc_name

    From what I have been able to dig up from past posts to the  
mailing lists: others have been able to get this working fine, but  
I'm not sure if any have been specifically with 6.2 and the PERC5/i  
controller. If anyone has any clues or tips for how to proceed with  
this, it would be much appreciated.



Jonathan Delgado, Systems Manager
Molecular Biology
Massachusetts General Hospital

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