lpd refuses to print from a machine with a DHCP assigned IP address...

Amarendra Godbole amarendra.godbole at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 06:16:12 UTC 2007


My FreeBSD box picks up its IP through DHCP. Now I configured a
printer on this machine, using apsfilter. So far so good. Now when I
try to print anything, I see the following error in the lpd-errs file:
Apr  6 11:00:03 zimbu lpd[1501]: unable to get official name for local
machine zimbu.vxindia.veritas.com: hostname nor servname provided, or
not known
Apr  6 11:00:03 zimbu lpd[1501]: lp: no line printer device or host name

Now, if I add an entry for zimbu in /etc/hosts (with the currently
assigned IP address), printing works fine. My printcap is:

# APS1_BEGIN:printer1
# - don't delete start label for apsfilter printer1
# - no other printer defines between BEGIN and END LABEL
# APS1_END - don't delete this

sym6fp1.vxindia.veritas.com is the printer host (actually the printer
itself, not an host really).

Hence, my question is: Is there some tweak either in printcap, or
somewhere else that will tell lpd that my IP address is DHCP assigned?
Or how do I get printing enabled, without adding such an entry in
/etc/hosts.conf? Any help to fix this issue will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!


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