Problems with SMP on 6.1-STABLE-200608

Kris Kennaway kris at
Thu Apr 5 17:28:39 UTC 2007

On Thu, Apr 05, 2007 at 09:45:15AM -0700, Don O'Neil wrote:
> More info on my problem.....
> I swapped out the MB, CPU's, RAM, Power Supply and I still have the problem
> with the kernel panicing when running on SMP.
> When I re-build the kernel for NO SMP, the machine is rock solid, even under
> VERY high loads.
> I setup the old MB, CPU's, RAM & Power Supply on the bench, with a new
> 6.1-STABLE-200608 AND 6.2-RELEASE install and run dozens of copies of the
> stress port. Even with it bringing loads up to >250, and eating up all
> available RAM and SWAP I could not get the kernel to panic.
> The ONLY difference between the bench setup and the production setup is a
> 3-Ware Escalade RAID card. I am going to setup another array on the bench
> with a spare card I have and see if I can get it to panic under that setup
> (which will be identical hardware wise to the production box). The only
> thing I can think of right now is one of the following:
> 1) Bad RAID card or cables <- unlikely since it should show up even in
> uniprocessor mode
> 2) Problem with the TWE driver in SMP mode <- more likely
> I'm leaning towards #2, especially with the other recent reports of someone
> else getting kernel panics with 3ware products. 
> Anyone else have any thoughts as to what scenarios/tools I should try to
> isolate the problem?

Update to 6.2-RELEASE or RELENG_6.  It's really very easy, and you
will quickly be able to evaluate whether someone has already fixed
this bug.  If it persists, then we have a known data point to proceed
with fixing it.

FYI I run twe on an extremely heavily loaded SMP system (master build
server for the package builds) and it has had no relevant driver
issues for at least the past 2 or 3 years that I can recall.

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