Should sudo be used?

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Thu Apr 5 17:06:13 UTC 2007

On Thu, 5 Apr 2007, Kevin Kinsey wrote:

> I thought I might also mention a potential "sudo"-shortcoming. :-D
> See:
> Where I wrote about a "quoting problem" that occasionally confuses
> newbs like me.

Hi Kevin,

I wasn't following this thread, but I read some of it now.

I had a quick look at your text ... I think it would be easier to just 

echo 'natd_enable="YES"' | sudo tee -a /etc/rc.conf

> Also, I don't speak for the BSD certification project, although I have
> helped flesh out content on the wiki above.  It appears that I changed
> the wording from "using the possibly 3rd-party sudo" to "possibly using
> the 3rd-party sudo" thinking that the objective's wording was in error,
> when actually those statements imply different meaning.  I'm copying
> Jeremy Reed on this, who is closer to the Cert project and probably
> *can* speak for them.  I'd imagine I need to find some way to fix that,
> because it sure seems to read as if *they* recommend using sudo.... ;-)

The objective covers sudo no matter what. Our job task survey indicated 
that sudo is very important and essential for junior admins and 
intermediate/advanced admins.

The "possibly" emphasis should be on "third-party". So the "Concept" on 
the wiki page is wrong, but the "More information" at the bottom is 

Thanks for sending the email.

  Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. And thank you Kevin for your work there. I have a lot of work to do 
and as you know the deadlines have past. If anyone else is interested in 
helping get this finished, please email me. No matter what I will publish 
the book (and then publish a new book when updated maybe 6 months or a 
year later).

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