ipfw fwd not working in 6.2-release

Jonathan McKeown jonathan at hst.org.za
Thu Apr 5 14:17:56 UTC 2007

On Thursday 05 April 2007 16:01, Jonathan McKeown wrote:
> > On Thursday 05 April 2007 15:42, Terry Todd wrote:
[ipfw not accepting fwd rules when kernel built with
and I agreed, saying]

> Has the way ipfw.ko is built changed? Do we need to compile ipfw into the
> kernel to use ipfw fwd rules now? Or can I force ipfw.ko to be rebuilt with
> forwarding included?

I'm on my way home now, but a quick look at the source suggests that unless 
ipfw.ko is built with this option set, rule-based forwarding is disabled - 
and indeed this message appears in my boot messages.

Presumably the option is not fed to the module during a buildkernel.

I'm going to try building just that module with the option set.


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