Own ports organization

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at dial.pipex.com
Wed Apr 4 19:17:01 UTC 2007

Milan Knizek wrote:

>are there any recommendation how to organize own ports?
>Should I keep them within official /usr/ports structure or rather separately? 
>If kept separately, how does it work with pkg* commands then?
For what it's worth, if you use cvsup then you can store your own ports 
safely under /usr/ports.  You can also store extra files (like extra 
patches, for example), though I'm not sure what would happen if that 
port got deleted.  Probably just your patch would remain.

I have no idea if csup is safe in this regard, and portsnap was 
definitely not safe, last I heard.

I'm sure you could easily concoct a solution where you kept new ports in 
a separate tree, and had something like a Makefile to make links into 
/usr/ports after each time you used say portsnap.  A symlink to a 
directory should work just as well as a real directory.  I find it 
easier to stick with cvsup.


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