Any Way to Plug This Hole in Local Sendmail Delivery?

Martin McCormick martin at
Wed Apr 4 13:13:32 UTC 2007

	First of all, I think sendmail is great, so this is a
minor issue.  The problem is that the spammers can cause local
delivery of their junk by using the name of an account on the
system.  As an example, I just received some junk that a human
being can instantly tell is bogus.  It's from 
line is the usual sort of bogus hotmail, or AOL or MSN, forgery
but then there is this line which is, I am sure, how it got in.

From: Weekly News <martin at>

	Milter-sender used to catch these constantly, but that
filter is no longer available.  Is there anything else that is
useful, but not too disruptive that can either refuse delivery
or send it to spam to die?

	I already run bogofilter which I trained with about
12,000 or more spam messages and which does a good to excellent
job of catching most of this, but messages that claim to be
local but aren't should be mechanically testable.


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