What is the default firewall setup in 6.2?

Javier Henderson javier at kjsl.com
Wed Apr 4 12:34:28 UTC 2007

On Wed, 4 Apr 2007 13:56:47 +0200, Victor Engmark wrote:
> Hi all,
> My goal is to set up a Subversion (v1.4, running on Apache 2.2 and available
> only through SSL) and SSH server, available to the world. I've managed to
> make it work locally; i.e.,
> # svn list 
> and
> # ssh user at localhost
> work fine. However, I'm having problems accessing these from other hosts.
> My machine is connected to the internet. I'm able to SSH to other machines,
> and use the web. Therefore, I believe the problem is that the machine is
> discarding packets. However, I can't find any record of the connection
> attempts in /var/log (grepping for the host name or IP of the other machine
> gives no results, and even ping doesn't work), and it seems that, according
> to the FreeBSD handbook chapter 26, there is no firewall installed by
> default.
> Why would FreeBSD be dropping packets, without recording it, when there are
> processes listening on the ports (see below), and no firewall?
> # netstat -an | grep 22
> gives (among other lines):
> tcp4 0 0 *.22 *.* LISTEN
> According to
> tcpdump port 22
> , the packets are arriving at my machine.

Can SSH clients on your local network connect to your system?

You say packets are arriving at your machine, can you elaborate on this 
further? Assuming a SYN packet arrives from a host, so you see a 
SYN+ACK go out, etc?


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