openoffice 2.1.0 on FreeBSD6.2 fails to install

Michael Pope michael at
Tue Apr 3 06:47:20 UTC 2007

Everytime I go to install from ports I get this error:

dmake: Executing shell macro: $(FIND) $(INCLUDETOPDIRLIST) -type d -print
dmake: Executing shell macro: $(FIND) $(INCLUDETOPDIRLIST) -type f ! 
$(QOB) -name "*~" -o -name "*build.lst" -o -name "*deliver.log" $(QCB) 
rm -rf ../../ >& /dev/null
touch ../../
mkdir -p ../../
-html ../../ -name "UDK 3.2.0 
C/C++ API Reference" -lg c++         -p sal 
-t sal -t osl -t rtl         -p store 
-t store         -p registry 
-t registry         -p cppu 
-t cppu -t com -t typelib -t uno         -p cppuhelper 
-t cppuhelper         -p salhelper 
-t salhelper         -p bridges 
-t bridges

Autodoc version 2.2.5

Parsing the repository UDK 3.2.0 C/C++ API Reference ...
......80 files found to parse in project sal.
assertion failed: i > 0 ? i_pTokTypeArray[i] > i_pTokTypeArray[i-1] : 
true in file: ../inc/semantic/callf.hxx at line: 186
dmake:  Error code 3, while making 
'---* RULES.MK *---'

ERROR: Error 65280 occurred while making 
dmake:  Error code 1, while making 'build_instsetoo_native'
'---*  *---'
*** Error code 255

Why would I be getting these assertion errors?


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