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Mon Apr 2 17:11:05 UTC 2007

You should just install it from the ports. As root, type:

cd /usr/ports/lang/php5
make all install clean

Be sure to check the "APACHE" option to build the Apache module.
You'll probably also want to install some of the extensions from
/usr/ports/lang/php5-extensions and /usr/ports/www/php-session.


On 4/1/07, jekillen <jekillen at> wrote:
> Hello agian;
> I have been gripping about
> php not producing
> for use as a DSO with Apache
> on FreeBSD v 6.2
>  >> good news >>
> I solved it.
> By re installing the system
> and starting all over again.
> After reading the output of ./configure
> in the php source dir, it was reporting
> that it could not find a compatible version
> of Bison.
> I cannot say that that is THE cause, but
> whatever it was re installing solved it.
> I did not get any responses so there
> is no one in particular to thank but
> thanks all, FreeBSD is free software
> and what works is far greater in volume
> and value than what does not
> Now if only we could get to the developers
> of the human (user level) mind, maybe we could
> debug that and be better off.
> Jeff K
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