jekillen jekillen at
Sun Apr 1 22:13:05 UTC 2007

Hello agian;
I have been gripping about
php not producing
for use as a DSO with Apache
on FreeBSD v 6.2
 >> good news >>
I solved it.
By re installing the system
and starting all over again.
After reading the output of ./configure
in the php source dir, it was reporting
that it could not find a compatible version
of Bison.
I cannot say that that is THE cause, but
whatever it was re installing solved it.
I did not get any responses so there
is no one in particular to thank but
thanks all, FreeBSD is free software
and what works is far greater in volume
and value than what does not
Now if only we could get to the developers
of the human (user level) mind, maybe we could
debug that and be better off.
Jeff K

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