dns caching service

Zbigniew Szalbot zbyszek at szalbot.homedns.org
Tue Oct 31 09:12:42 UTC 2006


I have followed all the instructions from
to install and run a dns caching services using djbdns.

I have the svscan process up and running.

2454  ??  S      0:00.07 svscan /var/service

And yet when I changed the /etc/resolv.conf so that the nameserver is and not my ISP's one, I got "host lookup did not complete" from 
exim. Neither could I run lynx as it did not load its default page nor any 
other for that matter. I used the simplest possible host cache 
configuration so that the caching service is available only to the FBSD 

I am trying to find out what went wrong. For the time being I have changed 
the resolv file back to the DNS server of my ISP.

Any advice as to what to troubleshoot, which logs to inspect would be 
greatly appreciated. Many thanks and warm regards from cold Poland.

Zbigniew Szalbot

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