FreeBSD 6 freeze

Paul Beckers plugnpray at
Mon Oct 30 21:26:50 UTC 2006


I've recently tried to install FreeBSD 6.1 with a custom kernel that
comprises support for PF and ALTQ, but is basicly a copy of the GENERIC
kernel shipped with the install CD. I also ran CVSup to get the newest
release of the source that stated after compilation that it would like to be
called 6.2 prerelease. After heading to user applications like apache,
mysql, isc-dhcpd, samba and postfix, I noticed when I came back my
screensaver had stalled and the pc wouldn't respond to any inputs anymore.
It was a complete lockup and before this install with FreeBSD 4 and FreeBSD
5 I never had this problem on this box.

In the mean while I've tried my install with two other boxes and both of
them ended up having the same failure. I've posted a thread on bsdforums
regarding this matter with my kernel config and some of my logfiles
attached, to be found here:

As I haven't got any clue on where and what to look for, it would be
helpfull to get suggestions on how to troubleshoot this issue.

Kind regards,
P.M.C. Beckers

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