qt-3.3/php 5.1.6 does not compile FreeBSD 6.2-PRE/AMD64

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Mon Oct 30 13:03:24 UTC 2006

On Sun, Oct 29, 2006 at 06:03:43AM -0500, Gerard Seibert wrote:
> > I've had a similar show-stopper, until I realized that I had
> > WITH_THREADS set in /etc/make.conf (to get a threaded perl),
> > which was then picked up by the libxml2 port. After recompiling
> > and reinstalling libxml2 without WITH_THREADS, php 5.1.6 port
> > compiled without any problems.
> You might want to consider putting the conditional make flags into 'if'
> statements in the '/etc/make.conf' file.
>      .if $(.CURDIR:M*/lang/perl5.8)
>      WITH_THREADS=yes
>      .endif
> Something like that might work, although you may have to tweak it
> slightly.

Thanks! That's a great hint. I've added this to my /etc/make.conf
and it works great:

.if ${.CURDIR:M*/lang/perl5.8}

.if ${.CURDIR:M*/editors/emacs}

.if ${.CURDIR:M*/multimedia/mplayer}

That's much better than the general knobs that always get in the way.

> Gerard


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