freebsd equivelent to the linux ethtool command?

Eric Schuele e.schuele at
Sat Oct 28 20:00:19 UTC 2006

On 10/28/06 12:45, Jonathan Horne wrote:
> i have a computer that recently stopped obeying WOL packets, after i did a 
> dual boot of freebsd/suse 10.1.  before i put suse on there, WOL always 
> worked just fine.
> apparently, the linux driver for my network card, put the nic in "always off" 
> mode, and in order to be able to WOL later, i have to shut the linux off 
> in "wol g" mode (using ethtool, so it can listen for packets later).  even in 
> freebsd now tho, its still not listening for WOL packets.  is there something 
> in freebsd i can use to edit the behavior of the driver, to make sure the nic 
> powers down in "wol-listen" mode?

It looks as if it is in ifconfig in -current.  I say that because after 
a quick google, I see a patch in 2005.. don't know if its really in 
there or not (as I run -stable).  There is no mention of WOL in my 
6.2-PRERELEASE man pages for ifconfig.

> thanks,
> jonathan
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