freebsd equivelent to the linux ethtool command?

Jonathan Horne freebsd at
Sat Oct 28 17:45:44 UTC 2006

i have a computer that recently stopped obeying WOL packets, after i did a 
dual boot of freebsd/suse 10.1.  before i put suse on there, WOL always 
worked just fine.

apparently, the linux driver for my network card, put the nic in "always off" 
mode, and in order to be able to WOL later, i have to shut the linux off 
in "wol g" mode (using ethtool, so it can listen for packets later).  even in 
freebsd now tho, its still not listening for WOL packets.  is there something 
in freebsd i can use to edit the behavior of the driver, to make sure the nic 
powers down in "wol-listen" mode?


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