slimserver port

Vincent Zee zenzee at
Sat Oct 28 15:03:48 UTC 2006

On Saturday, 28 October 2006 at 16:28:12 +0200, Armin Pirkovitsch wrote:
> Vincent Zee wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I'm relatively new to FreeBSD and installed 6.1 on my computer.
> > Then installed Slimserver from /usr/ports/audio/slimserver.
> > But I have no idea how to start the program. There is no man page,
> > or information in /usr/local/share.
> > 
> > Can anyone shed some light on this?
> /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ holds the startup scripts for this kind of server.
> Further you'll need slimserver_enable="YES" in your /etc/rc.conf

I added slimserver_enable="YES" and mysql_enable="YES" (I think it is
needed by slimserver) to /etc/rc.conf and rebooted and still it doesn't
work. It is suppossed to run a html server on localhost:9000 but it doesn't.

Someone any ideas?


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