Ports collection issue

Andy Greenwood greenwood.andy at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 13:31:49 UTC 2006

On 10/27/06, Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg <listsub at 401.cx> wrote:
> Andy Greenwood wrote:
> > Is it possible to use csup with my existing cvsup files? I skimmed the
> > man page and it looks very similar. Is there any advantage to using
> > cvsup over csup?
> I use the same files for csup as I used for cvsup. You should not
> have to change anything except removing the 'v' after the 'c' in
> 'cvsup' on the command-line. :)
> Csup is basically cvsup rewritten in C instead of Modula-3. While
> cvsup is an excellent program that certainly makes exactly what it
> was designed to do, it unfortunately has some dependencies that are
> not common on most installations.
> I do not know of any advantages that cvsup might have over csup,
> more then the fact that it is a thoroughly tested program that has
> performed well for several years, while csup is a relatively new
> program. AFAIK there has not been any reports of problem with csup
> though, so I would say its safe to use.

Thanks for the info! Anything I can do to reduce dependancies on my
underpowered frankenstein box is a good thing!
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