csup vs. cvsup [was: Ports collection issue]

Karol Kwiatkowski freebsd at orchid.homeunix.org
Fri Oct 27 13:09:15 UTC 2006

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On 27/10/2006 14:41, Andy Greenwood wrote:
> On 10/27/06, Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg <listsub at 401.cx> wrote:
>> I would recommend using csup instead of cvsup.
>> It has fewer dependencies, is very lightweight and works very well
>> if you just want to occasionally checkout ports or src.
>> I believe that csup is also part of the basesystem in newer releases.
> Is it possible to use csup with my existing cvsup files? I skimmed
> the man page and it looks very similar. Is there any advantage to
> using cvsup over csup?

I'm not sure if there are any, but csup is simply a reimplementation
of cvsup in C, as manpage says.

I'm using it as a replacement, here's a snip of my update-src.sh
script (I was previously using cvsup):

% [...]
% CSUP=/usr/bin/csup
% CVSUP=/usr/local/bin/cvsup
% [...]
% ${CVS_UPDATER} -L 2 -h ${SERVER} /root/supfiles/standard
% [...]



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