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Tue Oct 24 08:32:24 UTC 2006

Wow, sombody even reads this thread!

Wojciech Puchar [Mon, Oct 23, 2006 at 07:43:47PM +0200]:
> >>posted a question about ACLs because I'm having difficulties setting up
> >>default ACLs. My question was posted 11/10 but I haven't got an answer
> >>yet.
> >
> >Looks like noone is really using ACLs (and default ACLs) on fbsd.
> classic unix uid/gid is simplest and enough for MOST (or every - i think) 
> cases. it just needs to be used right

   - git running on fbsd 5.3.
   - 4 people work on the same project
   - git is used over ssh (aka git+ssh://)
   - when new objects are created, they belong to the creating user
   - normal umask is 077 (we are all paranoid)

We want that every newly created file and directory is modifyable
by any user of the 'git' group.

Now I am interested on how you would solve this problem with standard
Unix-Ids without using external tools (like callin chown/chgrp/chmod
each update).



``...if there's one thing about Linux users, they're do-ers, not whiners.''
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