Linux-flashplugin6 or 7

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Mon Oct 23 20:36:05 UTC 2006

GeistTeufel writes:

>  so now, install linuxpluginwrapper to allow running linux plugin
>  on native programs

	While we're in the neighborhood of linuxpluginwrapper, I'd like
to do some advocacy.
	While most folks are still using 5.* and 6.*, 7 is not /that/
far off.  As things stand now there's going to be a lot of hurting
units when that day comes on account of

.if              ${OSVERSION} >= 700009
IGNORE=         doesn't support ELF symbol versioning, yet.

	It's not clear exactly what to do - a flood of messages to the
maintainer may or may not have the desired effect - but it would be
nice if people affected would install this on their mental map.
(Maybe some qualified soul will even step up and fix the problem.

				Robert Huff

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