Linux-flashplugin6 or 7

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Mon Oct 23 18:22:57 UTC 2006

So, here a fast way to install this one

You need to get source of freebsd first, and ports so ...

in /usr/share/exemple/cvsup you have stable-supfile and ports-supfile
put it in your root dir, tune it, and run cvs -z -L 2 on your file

so you have to go to /usr/src/libexec/rtld-elf
get this patch
patch < rtld_dlsym_hack.diff
make install

so now, install linuxpluginwrapper to allow running linux plugin on native programs
install linuxthreads too (use ports for that)
next install linux-flashplugin
so you have certainly firefox, then plugins is stay here /usr/local/lib/browser_plugins

go into this dir and links flash linux plugins in it:
ln -s ../npapi/linux-flashplugin/flashplayer.xpt
ln -s ../npapi/linux-flashplugin/

now you can run firefox with flash7 activate, and all work really fine !

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First, I love FreeBSD.  I have been using Gentoo for the longest time, finally got the nerve to pop FreeBSD on a new laptop.  Love it.  Anywho, I'm trying to get the linux-flashplugin7 installed and it seems to error out with an error message saying it cant find the package on the etc.... server.  I looked on the FTP server in several package folders and cant find it.  It says it should be in the "www" ports folder.  Did this linux-flashplugin get renamed?  I appreciate the help.

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