Problems booting on a Compaq DL360 (P21 version)

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Sun Oct 22 07:42:52 UTC 2006

It happens, most common is using non-compaq disk drives in
these systems.

Pull the disk set in the running system and put it in the non-running
system and see if it boots, if it does, try putting the disks that came
out of the non-running system into the running system and seeing if you
can install on them.


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Subject: Problems booting on a Compaq DL360 (P21 version)

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> Hello,
> I recently got two of these old machines used. One installed and runs
> fine, but the other... I've been working on it for three days now and I
> can't get it to boot. I can install just fine from the CD (using 6.1-R),
> but upon reboot it goes past the RAID init and gets to a blank screen
> with only _ in the top-left corner, beeps twice, and sits there. The
> "good" machine does beeps also, but continues booting. This one sits
> there for a few minutes and then gives me a "non-system disk" error; it
> doesn't seem to find anything to boot from.
> I've tried resetting the dip switch for configuration and doing the
> "system erase" and using the SmartStart CD to initialize it before
> installing. It wants to know which OS when I do this and I've tried
> Linux, Windows 2000 Server and Other, and none of them work... I haven't
> gone through all the (dozens of) options. The RAID array seems to work,
> no disk problems writing during install and nothing reported in the
> SmartStart utility.
> I've read threads about ACPI problems with 6.0 but I don't think I'm
> even getting that far. :( I tried taking the two disks from the working
> machine and putting them into the non-working one and it didn't work, I
> still get the _ screen and it doesn't move on from there. I'm installing
> simply by using A for auto-slices and A for auto-filesystems and
> installing the standard MBR.
> Has anyone seen this or successfully installed on a DL360 (g1 I think,
> P21 BIOS)? If so, is there a certain setting, OS or otherwise, that I
> might need to do?
> Thanks,
> Josh
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