CD install on new Dell Dimension E521

Paul Root ptroot at
Fri Oct 20 21:33:41 UTC 2006

I just got a Dimension e521 that I'm going to install FreeBSD on.
I'm having some trouble.

I've tried the 6.1-RELEASE i386 DVD,
I've downloaded the 6.1-Release CD iso for AMD64
I've downloaded the 6.2-Beta2 CD (today 10/20) for AMD64.

All give the same error:

panic: ohci_add_done: addr 0x3bef1ba0 not found

This is a AMD Athlon 64 x2, 3800, 1 gig, 160gb,
no PS/2 keyboard only USB. 6 usb ports.

The screen blanks before I can write down everything. Since
I can't stop it by hitting the keyboard.

The keyboard has the following as part of it's dag:

atkbdc0: (keyboard controller i8042) on port  0x60 0x64

Something like that.

Any words of wisdom?


Paul Root
ptroot at

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