DAve dave.list at pixelhammer.com
Fri Oct 20 12:43:59 UTC 2006

Don O'Neil wrote:
> Hi all... I'm having problems with inet crapping out on the qmail-smtp
> process, so I've started using tcpserver to launch qmail-smtpd....
> However, I'm getting complaints from people that the POP before SMTP
> authentication patch isn't working when I do this... Here is what I'm
> launching:
> #!/bin/sh
> /usr/local/bin/tcpserver -c 200 -v -u 1009 -g 1003 0 smtp
> /var/shc/qmail/bin/qmail-smtpd >&1 | /var/shc/qmail/bin/splogger smtpd 3 &
> Anything wrong with this, or do I need to do something else so that the POP
> before SMTP authentication works correctly?
> Thanks!

While I like ports I highly recommend you reinstall qmail using the 
instructions contained in Life with qmail.


I also highly recommend Dave Sill's book as well. We have run qmail for 
over 5 years here on multiple servers and Dave's book still sits on my 
desk, it is invaluable.

Follow his instructions, and any problems you are having will go away. 
qmail will be efficient, fast, stable, and secure.


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logo change for Memorial Day. Why do they choose to do logos
for other non-international holidays, but nothing for

Maybe they forgot who made that choice possible.

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