Small Redundant web/mail setup

Martin Hepworth maxsec at
Wed Oct 18 18:11:00 UTC 2006

Have a look at how Cambridge University (UK) have setup their email.

Does alot of this sort of stuff and they've got lots of docs online as to
how they did it..


On 10/18/06, Ian Lord <mailing-lists at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to setup a high-availability setup for mail/web setup
> I was thinking about the following setup:
> 4 servers total:
> Data Servers:
>          1 Server holding all the websites data and mail messages. It
> would serve these files via nfs to the application servers.
>          It would also run mysql
>          A second server Also sharing it's content via nfs,
> replicating it's data though rsync each ?? minutes. The mysql would
> run as a slave of the    primary
> Application Servers:
>          Both servers would be running apache, php, sendmail and
> posfix and would serve content from the share nfs drive.
> 1- Is this a viable solution, I mean by that, Is it Like this big ISP
> are set up ?
> 2- Is there a better way to replicate data than RSYNC (without going
> to san of expensive hardware) ? If not, is there a hotsync feature (I
> mean by that as soon as server A modify something, server B knows and
> replicate)?
> I would appreciate if you could give me feedbacks, suggestions, or if
> you see any problem that might happen with this kind of setup.
> Thanks a lot
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