Small Redundant web/mail setup

Robert Joosten robert at
Wed Oct 18 16:20:58 UTC 2006


> 1- Is this a viable solution, I mean by that, Is it Like this big ISP 
> are set up ?

Not quite likely, but it's possible ofcourse.

> 2- Is there a better way to replicate data than RSYNC (without going 
> to san of expensive hardware) ? If not, is there a hotsync feature (I 
> mean by that as soon as server A modify something, server B knows and 
> replicate)?

IMO there's no better solution than rsync, besides somewhat more hardware 
/ not that I'm aware of no.

You could also build one fileserver able to serve nfs, store mail in 
maildir format and put 2 boxes online running mail/http daemons. Return 
one server get loadbalancer instead and put that online. That would be 
more my idea of having high-availability. Ofcourse you could also put a 
layer 3 switch in front of it instead of a loadballancer. Make sure the 
hardware of the fileserver is at least able to do raid 1 and has a 
dual powersupply. That will help the keep the thing up.


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