I am such a fool! How to recover my data?

Kyrre Nygård kyrreny at broadpark.no
Mon Oct 16 05:53:23 PDT 2006

Hello, thanks for checking this out!

My hard disk and I are in a rather tight situation right now. I believe my
partition table's system ID is messed up. Other things are probably messed up
too, however I have not done anything which would constitute a format of my
data -- hence I hope that whatever data is still there.

I believe I've been a fool.

The hard drive in question is hard drive 1, a 150gb S-ATA that ran Windows XP
and NTFS. Hard drive 2, same type, ran FreeBSD and UFS. I was lacking space in
Windows, so I decided to format hard drive 2 into NTFS. I right clicked on My
Computer, went to Manage, then Disk Management and then I did what I was
suppose to do. Everything went fine. I backed up some data to hard drive 2,
which was now NTFS, and enjoyed my session a little bit more before I rebooted.

But then, NTLDR was missing. I figured this was because my hard drive 2 had
GRUB installed allowing me to dual boot between FreeBSD and Windows. But since
it was now NTFS, the MBR now suffered problems. So I figured all I had to do
was to remove the FreeBSD MBR, so silly me booted the FreeBSD installation CD
and pretended to do an installation, went into fdisk, selected Use entire disk,
set it to system ID 6, which is FAT, and then selected Standard boot loader. I
don't know what I was thinking, I hadn't eaten all day. A few steps later, the
process failed, after all I didn't actually want to format or install anything.
Nothing happened. Next I played around with boot0cfg -B on /dev/ad0 and
/dev/ad1. Nothing happened there either. Then I went into the Windows XP
setup's recovery console and did a fixmbr as well as fixboot. Still, nothing

I am currently running gpart /dev/ad0 from FreeSBIE, hoping I'll get lucky. Is
there any chance at all I may rescue my data?

All the best,

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