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Sun Oct 15 14:49:15 PDT 2006

On Sunday 15 October 2006 13:08, Erik Norgaard wrote:

> Well, anyway, this only serves to enlighten another problem: That even
> if you find the solution to rejecting non-Roman non-FreeBSD mail while
> accepting everything from the list, people replying in those character
> sets will see their mail rejected because their mail doesn't go through
> the FreeBSD server.
> To avoid the above, we should recommend subscribers to the list to
> change their reply to when writing to the list, or configure their
> subscription such that mx2 will send mail regardless of the recipient
> being in the To/Cc header, or recommending users only to include the
> list as recipient... but we were against imposing rules - right?
> Wouldn't it be nice if there was a reliable way to determine legitimate
> sources...?

The freebsd-current@ list is doing that after a fashion. If I forget to change 
my mail identity to freebsd at alaskaparadise com, I get sent to the moderator.

The freebsd lists are almost spam free, and I would love to see exactly how 
they are doing it. Do any of you know if it's documented anywhere? 


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