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Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Sun Oct 15 14:09:38 PDT 2006

Erik Norgaard wrote:
> Ian Smith wrote:
>>  > So the ideal you mention is not an option until a complete public list 
>>  > of authorized mail servers is available and all mail relayed through 
>>  > these requires authentication.
>> That's the 'solution' the mega players appear to be proposing.  And who
>> then authorises whom to run mailservers?  What about, er, us?  Shudder. 
> I'm one of 'us' and honestly, I don't see why it should be OK to set up 
> a mail server without any possibility of identifying the owner or 
> responsible, nor do I see this as a big problem:

Ironically, as if to stress the point, my reply to you got rejected 
(well you can find it in the archives), because my server is not on your 
(arbitrary) white list and the mail was not relayed through an 
authorized relay (

And I even pay extra to have a static ip, that resolves to a PTR 
containing the word "static" according to the IETF draft. And I actually 
accept connections from any server that plays by the RFC (the SMTP - 
strict) because I don't want to reject the large group of people who 
want to set up their on server...

- so who is 'us'?

Well, anyway, this only serves to enlighten another problem: That even 
if you find the solution to rejecting non-Roman non-FreeBSD mail while 
accepting everything from the list, people replying in those character 
sets will see their mail rejected because their mail doesn't go through 
the FreeBSD server.

To avoid the above, we should recommend subscribers to the list to 
change their reply to when writing to the list, or configure their 
subscription such that mx2 will send mail regardless of the recipient 
being in the To/Cc header, or recommending users only to include the 
list as recipient... but we were against imposing rules - right?

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a reliable way to determine legitimate 

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