FREEBSD cross-platform compatibility

Chris Hill chris at
Sun Oct 15 13:57:46 PDT 2006

On Sun, 15 Oct 2006, Tom wrote:

> Is there an alternate-platform emulator available?  I have some 
> programs that have no substitute available - and are Windows - only 
> applications.  The developer right now says that they won't work on 
> porting to other OSs for the foreseeable future - so Linux and FreeBSD 
> - and Mac OS, for that matter - are left hanging.  Frankly, this one 
> program in particular is the major reason I'm still running Windows at 
> all.  So, either a Windows emulator, or some way to run this program 
> in a non-Windows environment....

Look at qemu or wine. Both are in ports.

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