moxa multiport serial cards

Philip M Brown phil at
Fri Oct 13 03:29:22 PDT 2006


I am a long time user of freebsd but have no -NO knowledge of moxa
multiport cards. I see there is great support for moxa on freebsd so I
put my question forth.

i have acquired Moxa Model cp-114 and am trying to figure out its

The CP-114 Series of multiport serial boards is designed for RS-232 and
RS-422/485 industrial communication. The CP-114 Series has 2 ports for
RS-232 or RS-422/485, selectable by jumper, and 2 ports for RS-422/485,
with each RS-422/485 port able to control up to 32 devices in a
multidrop environment.

so does this mean I can wire up one of the rs-232 ports to a patch panel
and then split that into 32 rj=45 connectors which would in turn be
connected to various serial devices (pc/router/switchers).

or do i need another box that translates these signals. I assumed the
card did all the processing.

thanks for any input

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