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Eric Schuele e.schuele at
Wed Oct 11 19:20:23 PDT 2006

On 10/10/06 01:38, Jeff Mohler wrote:
> here at work we want to compile deep trees of code on Fbsd boxes, but
> we are finding that the compiles on local disk are faster than via NFS
> (very very fast/new Netapp boxes) on the FreeBSD boxes (single spindle
> SATA drives).
> However, cross-compiling the same code on a linux box over NFS to the
> very same Netapp boxes is way faster than Fbsd on local disk.
> Im trying of course to get the mount options/etc that the linux boxes
> use, but any clues on how to mount a 150k file deep source tree to
> most effectively cache getattr/readdir metadata which seems to be an
> enourmous percentage of the total NFS calls in the compile process.

I'm no NFS guru... but I did some googling on your behalf and ran across 
the following sysctl which, if tweaked, might help.


Don't know if it will help.  Just a shot.

> Thanks in I get more data.
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