NFS Client..attr caching..

Jeff Mohler at
Mon Oct 9 23:38:42 PDT 2006

here at work we want to compile deep trees of code on Fbsd boxes, but
we are finding that the compiles on local disk are faster than via NFS
(very very fast/new Netapp boxes) on the FreeBSD boxes (single spindle
SATA drives).

However, cross-compiling the same code on a linux box over NFS to the
very same Netapp boxes is way faster than Fbsd on local disk.

Im trying of course to get the mount options/etc that the linux boxes
use, but any clues on how to mount a 150k file deep source tree to
most effectively cache getattr/readdir metadata which seems to be an
enourmous percentage of the total NFS calls in the compile process.

Thanks in I get more data.

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