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> Thank you everyone for responding to my initial question.
>   In hindsight I realize I worded my original inquiry inaccurately.  What I am attempting to determine is how well or if ver 6.1 will work on a 4GB hard drive with a Pentium 4 - 3.06GHz cpu and 1GB ram?  The machine has a 232GB hard drive but I have another 4GB drive sitting around being unused that I was thinking of adding to the machine to configure in a dual boot setup with the 4GB drive being totally allocated to FreeBSD.

You certainly can do this. I used to have freebsd installed on a 4 GB
drive myself (6.0 and 6.1) Keep in mind thought, that you probably
won't be able to have a whole desktop environment with all the
ammenities. You could, however, install the base system on the smaller
drive, then mount the larger drive and install stuff on there.

>   However, before attempting that task I am trying to determine whether or not it would be even feasible to use a 4GB drive to install v 6.1 or should I use a larger drive to install the many of FreeBSD's features?  And if a larger drive how large of a drive would I need to utilize many or any of its features without limiting myself to a bare bones setup?  Additionally, if the 4GB drive will work how limited would the install/capabilities/features be?

If you don't need a GUI or anything like that, you could probably do
lots with this drive, without touching the larger drive. I ran my 4 GB
machine as a router/firewall/apache/mysql server for months. Keep in
mind too, that my machine's specs were considerably below yours. It
all really depends on what you want to do with the machine. If you
want KDE, good luck, it's not going to happen. If you want a router or
something, it'll be easy.

>   I am not at all opposed to using a larger drive but at the present time do not have a clue as to what size drive I should use for the most flexibility regarding type of installation options.
>   -art
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