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Mon Oct 9 10:07:46 PDT 2006

Thank you everyone for responding to my initial question.  
  In hindsight I realize I worded my original inquiry inaccurately.  What I am attempting to determine is how well or if ver 6.1 will work on a 4GB hard drive with a Pentium 4 - 3.06GHz cpu and 1GB ram?  The machine has a 232GB hard drive but I have another 4GB drive sitting around being unused that I was thinking of adding to the machine to configure in a dual boot setup with the 4GB drive being totally allocated to FreeBSD.  
  However, before attempting that task I am trying to determine whether or not it would be even feasible to use a 4GB drive to install v 6.1 or should I use a larger drive to install the many of FreeBSD's features?  And if a larger drive how large of a drive would I need to utilize many or any of its features without limiting myself to a bare bones setup?  Additionally, if the 4GB drive will work how limited would the install/capabilities/features be?  
  I am not at all opposed to using a larger drive but at the present time do not have a clue as to what size drive I should use for the most flexibility regarding type of installation options.

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