is this apache or some file on the system ?

Desmond Coughlan coughlandesmond at
Sun Oct 8 01:58:12 PDT 2006

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  .. or can it be my router ?  
  I don't think so, as I've forwarded port 80 to the same port on the FreeBSD box.  
  Last week, I was busy trying to get PhP and roundcubemail working.  I was getting the PhP source, which was a pain, but at least I was getting something!
  Friday evening, I head home, and this morning, I try to connect (I'm outwith the LAN).  Error 404.
  Strange.  I connect to the machine via ssh and I can telnet to port 80.  It works.  I then ssh out to a friend's machine in Australia, and try to telnet to port 80 of my server, i.e. going in the opposite direction.  'connexion refused' is the message.
  I vaguely remember, years ago, manipulating /etc/hosts.allow, but I've checked this on my machine, and it hasn't been changed.  
  Could apache be doing this?  Is it a router problem?
Thanks in advance.

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