PAE tuning

Paul Lathrop plathrop at
Thu Oct 5 11:29:52 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I just built a new Intel Xeon FreeBSD 6.1 server with 14Gb of RAM. I
started digging into PAE so that we could actually make use of the high
memory in this box, and I've run into a rather vexing issue. The
handbook says:

"Some system tunables determine memory resource usage by the amount of
available physical memory. Such tunables can unnecessarily over-allocate
due to the large memory nature of a PAE system. One such example is the
kern.maxvnodes sysctl, which controls the maximum number of vnodes
allowed in the kernel. It is advised to adjust this and other such
tunables to a reasonable value."

That's really good to know. Unfortunately, nobody seems to have written
down WHICH tunables need to be adjusted besides the one mentioned above,
nor is there any information on what "reasonable value" means!

Can anyone point me at a resource for more information on this?

Paul Lathrop

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