Good References and or Books for learning ADA

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Wed Oct 4 18:44:46 PDT 2006

On Wednesday 04 October 2006 17:39, backyard wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm looking to teach myself ADA using the Gnu Compiler
> Collection and GNATS as my compiler under an i386
> FreeBSD 6.X system. I'm just curious if any ADA
> programmers out there can point me to some decent
> books/online resources for learning the basics and
> more advanced aspects of ADA. They would be most
> useful if they referenced ADA95 as that appears to be
> the standard gnats supports.
>  I would also be interested in resources that describe
> integrating (I guess linking is more appropriate of a
> term) C/C++ libraries with ADA. This would mostly be
> for basic use with X Windows and Motif, GTK, or
> whatever makes the windows looks nice when I get that
> far, and OpenGL rendering, and likely ATLAS for
> crunching numbers. Unless there exists some ADA
> libraries for any of the above.
> I went to Borders today and couldn't find anything and
> a search online would comes up with millions of books
> that may or may not be useful.
> I guess I shouldn't be too supprised I couldn't even
> seem to find a book on Bind at Borders...

I can't help you with ADA, but the O'Reilly book on bind is the best one. 
Borders can order it and get it to you in a couple of days. They even get 
them that fast up here in Alaska.


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